Therapy Santa Rosa: A Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety has been a common problem for many since one of its causes is stress and we all know that stress is everywhere! People who often experience an anxiety disorder are said to have an abnormal activity of neurotransmitter in their brains. Neurotransmitters are special chemical substances that act as a messenger by diffusing crossway the junction and the synapse, this, in turn, causes a transfer of impulse between nerve cells. In an event that the neurotransmitter became out of balance, the flow of information that travels from and to the brain are being hindered. This will change how the brain perceives on some situations which usually lead to an anxiety.

There are many therapeutic methods used in treating an anxiety disorder. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a psychological approach that involves changing the pattern of thinking of the individual under observation, thus changing the way they feel. According to some studies, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the best treatment for anxiety disorder, so far. The therapy santa rosa offers a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for those individuals who suffered anxiety and panic attacks. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a natural medication that is considered to be the most effective treatment there is for anxiety and is free from any side effects.

External and Internal Factors that Causes an Anxiety

  • Anxiety can be caused by a panic disorder, stress disorder, or phobic disorder. People suffering from anxiety are characterized by dizziness, an increase of heartbeat or palpitation and shortness in breathing. These causes are classified as internal factors that contribute to the development of anxiety in an individual.
  • On the other hand, the external factors that may trigger anxiety to many individuals include financial stress, stress from school or stress from work, oremotional stress due to the death of loved one. Furthermore, stress due to personal relationships such as marriage may also trigger anxiety disorder to a person. Use of illegal drugs such as cocaine sometimes leads to this type of mental disorder.




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