How to break grounds as a Blogger Entrepreneur

Yes, you have your robust business website to mark your online presence but that’s not enough when you are aspiring for optimum engagement with your traffic. You would need a solid business blog as well. In fact, having a blog is one of the most useful marketing tips for startup entrepreneurs as quality blog posts generate visitor interest and also inspire comments and remarks from readers- which you can easily channelize for a steady interaction. We all know that a healthy interaction with potential audience runs high chances of conversion. To help you out, the post below lists down the needed on how to break grounds as a Blogger Entrepreneur.

Plan up

Before you actually set up the blog, there is some initial planning that you have to do. You have to keep in mind certain factors, like-

  • What would be the primary niche of your blog?
  • Purpose of the blog & how you can monetize it
  • What your competitors are doing with their blogs
  • How will your blog stand out in the competition

After you decide on your niche, start your research on initial topics, keyword planning & market strategizing. You can take the help of popular keyword tools here. Remember, your blog must offer what your competitors are not offering but also make sure those are relevant to your niche and the market.

Choose your blogging platform

WordPress is unanimously loved by all the bloggers out there courtesy its open-source nature and user-friendly interface. Not only it’s just a breeze to create blogs & upload contents with WP but the #1 blogging platform also hosts vast & inspiring series of themes for every industry. Now, there are certain pointers that you should be careful about while choosing your theme-

  • Is it adequately responsive?
  • Does it enable easy customization when you want to change colors and work with widgets, buttons or navigation menu?
  • Does it provide robust customer support?

Most of the themes are available for free and as your business scale up, you can anyday upgrade to premium theme.

Register your domain name

Your blog would need its unique domain name and it’s always smarter to have a name that syncs well with your brand name. It’s better to opt for .com domain instead of .biz or .net. And yes, it’s very important that your domain name is simple to remember as any misunderstanding here could take your audience to other sites.

If possible count on “exact match” names for your domain as these promise an easier rank for your platform up the search engines. You have to chart out minimum 4-5 options though as not always you could be lucky with exact match names. Make sure the name is catchy enough yet simple.

Choose a reliable web host

Get a comparative study on 4-5 potential web hosting companies and spot the most compatible name from the bunch. Make sure the company promises secured server and at least 99% uptime.

Are you up for the game (read blog) now?

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