What’s the Deal with Pixel Gun Unlimited Coins and Coinage Farming with Cheats?

Posted on July 14, 2017 by in General

Pixel Gun is a fun game. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what it brings to the table. On the surface level or superficially, the game looks like a Minecraft hack made to play like an FPS. However, the more you play it, the more you’ll realize that its “work in progress” feel has an amateur or indie charm to it that allows it to grow. If you want the already entertaining FPS be more engaging, you can also hack the game so that it could suit your purposes by applying a pixel gun unlimited coins cheat on it. The cheat serves as your personal coin ATM and you can basically buy anything you want, from guns to maps and everything in between that your heart desires (like that Minecraft pick axe).

The Good and the Bad


  • As a whole, this Minecraft FPS with callbacks to Doom and Wolfenstein with its pixilated guns is a diamond in the rough. An unpolished gem. A masterpiece on its rough draft. As the game becomes more and more popular, finding its niche and identity so that it’s more than just a slapped-together homage by nostalgic developers, it should have improved Quality Control for it in the future, with patches being released afterwards.


  • It’s probably going to be like Street Fighter II, with a new edition being released every year almost, even up until the present. Developers right now are finding ways to make sure that playing Pixel Gun 3D doesn’t get old (which is what happened to fad games like Flappy Bird and Happy Wheels). Thankfully, it has amazing replayability like with Garry’s Mod.


  • It strives to be the best (and so far only) pixilated FPS of the modern era. This game can be availed of for your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone as well as PC and Android formats. Just find it on the appropriate App Store and Game Store or at Steam. It’s also reminiscent of N.O.V.A. 3 not in terms of design (since this is more of a modern cutting-edge FPS) but more in terms of its growing popularity with the youth and the Internet at large.


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