Hubpages: Why is Body Piercing a Notorious Trend?

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Body Piercing and Western Culture

The body piercing plays a significant role in the Western Culture. It symbolizes rebellion, especially by teenagers. In addition, the manifestation of body piercing symbolizes a sense of belonging and give rise to a counter-culture movement, the Punk Era. This movement is said to originate at the West Coast. Aside from body piercing, there is also another piercing technique that became notorious in order to provide the sensation of being pierced, as well as, aesthetics and adornment. This piercing technique is called play piercing.

In the year 1980s, the ear piercing is already accepted in the society as a proper and hygienic piercing technique. There are available sites online, such as hubpages, that proven some articles pertaining body piercing.

Indigenous Tribes and Body Piercing

The body piercing is said to exist already around 4,000 years ago. Body piercing is very notorious in the Middle East where certain records stated the existence of Shanf or nose ring many years ago. In addition, similar practices were found out in Berber Tribes and Beja Tribes, and on some Middle Eastern Bedouins. The piercing is said to symbolize status and wealth, especially among married women.

In addition, nose piercing is said to be popular in India during the 16th century as a trend for Moghul Emperors. Women also pierce their left nostril in relevance to the Ayurvedic Medicinal Principles. This is primarily related to the reproductive organ of women and is believed to ease:

  • Menstrual Pain
  • Childbirth

In the year 1960s, the body piercing became a symbol of Punk Movement which is said to promote anti-conservative and counter-culture statement.

In ancient civilizations such as during Mayans and Aztecs, native tribes are believed to pierce their tongue in order to mollify the god by offering blood. The earliest body piercing is proven to be pierced earlobes and ear. In addition, it was found out after encountering a 5,000-year-old mummified man in the year 1991 at the Austrian Glacier.


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